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Permanent Whole Life Insurance
Saint John, New Brunswick

What is it?
Permanent Life insurance (also called whole life) is just that. As long as you pay the premiums, your life insurance stays in effect, no matter what your age or health. That's why this type of life insurance is often called "Whole Life Insurance".

Most permanent insurance includes a feature called cash value. It's similar to equity in your home - it grows over time and you can take a loan against it or use it as collateral. You may also withdraw your cash value, but this usually requires you to give up your insurance coverage.

Who Buys it?
Permanent life insurance typically appeals to people who don't like surprises. They want the assurance that their coverage is guaranteed for as long as they live. They also want to know exactly how much coverage they will pay for their insurance each year and for how long.

Is Permanent Life Insurance right for me?
for more information please call 506.214.5433

I want my life insurance guaranteed for as long as I live.
When I die, I want my life insurance to pay for all my final expenses, estate taxes
I want a stable base of insurance that I can build on if I choose.
I want the security of having a set premium that doesn't change.
I want a policy that will build money over time and let me borrow against it.


There are different types of permanent insurance plans. Some allow you to make your payments over a shorter period of time but provide a lifetime of coverage.

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