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Locked in RRSP Saint John NB


Looking for Guarantees
in todays volatile markets?


We can help with your retirement planning.
Call Shaw Life and Financial Services at 506.214.5433












We can help with your retirement planning.
Call Shaw Life and Financial Services at 506.214.5433
















RRSP - Saint John, New Brunswick
Starting and building a Registered Retirment Savings Plan (RRSP) will likely be one of the most important steps you take in your financial life. There is no better way to reduce your taxable income and save for the future.

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a personal savings plan registered with the Canadian federal government allowing you to save for the future on a tax-sheltered basis.

An RRSP is an investment portfolio - your designated retirement savings. It can contain a variety of investments.

What makes an RRSP unique is that your contributions to it are tax deductible and your portfolio grows tax sheltered. Individuals with RSP contribution room in Canada may contribute to an RSP up to the end of the year in which the plan holder reaches age 71.

Goverment of Canada information about RRSP'S.
RRSP Illustrator Tool

Locked-in Retirement Account (LIRA)
Saint John, New Brunswick

A locked-in retirement account (LIRA) is a savings tool specially designed to receive the amounts acquired under a pension plan (or retirement plan). If you leave or lose your job, the locked-in amounts you have accumulated in your employer’s pension plan may be transferred to a LIRA. You have options.

LIRA - Locked in Retirement Account
New Brunswick Government rules and regulation.

Retiring or leaving your job? We can assist you in transferring your pension to a trusted financial institution where you can decide which type of investment is right for you. We also provide ongoing support with annual reviews & recommendations.

- Deposits transferred from a pension plan;
- Funds are tax-sheltered until withdrawal;
- Flexibility to invest in guaranteed interest accounts or in segregated funds.

- We can help.

Segregated Funds Come with a Guarantee

Segregated Funds Manulife Segregated Funds video

If you have discussed your investments with a financial planner from The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, chances are your advisor has suggested segregated funds. But what are seg funds and how do they differ from traditional mutual funds?

A seg fund is actually an insurance contract with two parts: an investment that produces the return and an insurance policy that covers the risk. The seg fund is like a mutual fund, because you are pooling your money with other people to share investment gains. But because life insurance companies issue segregated funds, there is a guarantee attached that protects the investor's principal from sudden market declines. Think of such an investment as a mutual fund with a safety net.

A built-in guarantee
Insurance companies are required by law to build added protection into investment products. Seg fund policies guarantee that most of your initial investment is protected in the event of death or at the time of maturity. Depending on the provider, this guarantee may vary from 75 to 100 per cent of the principal amount.

For example, if you invested $25,000 in a 10-year seg fund policy with a 100 per cent guarantee, you would receive your initial investment plus profits made from market gains at the time of maturity. If the value of the seg fund policy has fallen below $25,000 at maturity, the principal remains protected. You can periodically "lock in" the protection on the principal when the policy has escalated in value. This resets your 10-year guarantee period.

- We can help.

Invest in your Life program
Insured Retirement Program

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We can help with your retirement planning.
Call Shaw Life and Financial Services at 506.214.5433

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