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Because Parents Care
Coverage for Children

Critical Illness Coverage
We do not like to think about our children becoming ill. Fact of the matter is that there were 27,105 visits to the Children's Emergency Department at the IWK between 2007 and 2008.
Your child's recovery may require you and your spouse to leave work for an undetermined amount of time. Can you afford to take time off work? Pay for traveling? Accommodations? Alternative Treatments not covered by medicare? Critical Illness insurance will enable you to have the freedom to ensure your child gets the best treatment possible.

- Best Doctors services included.
- Affordable coverage.

- Featuring 100% Return of premium on cancellation
- Apply while in good health
- Call 506 214 5433 for more details

?? Did you know that with Sun Critical Illness insurance for children, you will automaticlly recieve 75% of your premiums back when child reaches 25 ?? Call for more details or to learn more about all the covered conditions.

Prescription and dental health coverage.
If your child becomes dependent on a medication the rest of their life, the chances are they will have to pay for this out of pocket. Normally insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions. Your child will also be able to have routine visits to the dentist.
Ensure they have the proper coverage while healthy. (Parent must be on the plan as well).

Life Insurance
Life Plan is an insurance program that protects your child's financial future by guaranteeing he or she has insurance now and the ability to get insurance in the future. Regardless of future health problems like diabetes or cancer, your child will be protected for life. Guaranteed. And based on the plan you choose, the policy can be paid up in 10-15-20 years, with guaranteed cash value.

Tax free savings account
The TFSA is the most significant government savings program since the introduction of the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). It's a great incentive for parents to save money for their children and have the interest grow tax-free.

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