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Top 20 Reasons why people own
Life Insurance

  1. To be free and clear of financial obligations at death without leaving a financial burden on family.
  2. To supplement income so that surviving family members will continue a quality of lifestyle the same or better as what they are accustomed to.
  3. To guarantee a fixed income during the years when a surviving parent must remain at home to care for children.
  4. To guarantee an adequate retirement income.
  5. To ensure the home will remain in the family even if the insured is not there to pay the mortgage.
  6. To ensure the children have enough funds for education.
  7. To start a plan for your children, they will have the benefit of a young age, good health and locked in premiums
  8. To ensure against the death of a mother, which can be as financially disabling as the death of a father.
  9. To leave money for special reasons, such as gifts and bequests, providing for a son's or daughter's wedding, helping a son or daughter set up his or her own business, or providing for a disabled or disadvantaged child.
  10. To assure coverage for increased financial responsibilities, such as the birth of a child or marriage.
  11. To maintain adequate insurance protection in the event of a new job or promotion.
  12. To protect a business's investment in key employees. (key person insurance)
  13. To enhance business credit
  14. To protect a sole proprietorship for survivors
  15. To protect a partnership form disinterested survivors.
  16. To fund pension plans
  17. To fund buy-sell agreements
  18. To solve certain tax problems
  19. To continue the child support payments to other parent.
  20. To take adavantage of tax-deffered investing

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