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New Manulife Synergy
Life Insurance - Disability Insurance - Critical Illness

3 Solutions in 1 Great Policy

Call 506 214 5433 for Pricing and Details

Synergy is:

Unique — its pool of money concept provides protection across three needs
Easy to manage — fill out one application, manage one plan, pay one amount
Affordable — address three risk areas with one cost effective solution
Flexible — choose from $100,000 to $500,000 in Synergy protection

Who is it for?

• Families
• People with debt, including Mortgage, loans, credit cards
• Stay at home Mom's
• The main income earner
• Self Employed or Small business owner
(SMART/SAVE$) Consolidate all your liabilites including mortgage into 1 policy that you own and control.

Life Insurance and Health Insurance Quotes New Brunswick

A Unique Strategy for affordable protection

At the core of Synergy's design is a revolutionary pool of money concept.

Here's how it works

• You can buy from $100,000 to $500,000 of Synergy, called your Synergy amount of insurance.

• The amount of insurance you buy creates a pool of money called your available amount of insurance.

• Whenever a benefit is paid, your available amount of insurance reduces by that amount.

• Offers protection until your available amount of insurance is reduced to zero, or at age 65, whichever is first.

•No need to provide occupation class.

•No supporting proof of income required

to learn more about Synergy.

Serving the Saint John, Sussex, McAdam, St. Stephen and Fredericton, Hampton, Grand Bay-Westfield and New Brunwsick areas

Call 506 214 5433
Saint John, New Brunswick
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